What Is an ITIN Loan?

An ITIN loan is a New Mexico home loan available to people who are foreign nationals or non-permanent resident aliens in the United States. Whether you are looking for a self-employed mortgage or you have proof of income from your employer, it’s important to provide all the necessary documentation for a New Mexico ITIN mortgage loan to qualify. If you don’t have a Social Security number or you have no credit history in the US, you can still purchase property through an ITIN mortgage loan if you qualify.

Top Benefits of ITIN Loans in New Mexico

You can purchase a piece of property in New Mexico when you take advantage of the New Mexico ITIN mortgage loan options available to you. When you want to invest in a new property in New Mexico, but you are not a legal resident of the United States, you can do so with an ITIN mortgage loan in Roswell, Santa Fe, Albuquerque, or any other city within the state. 

Here are some of the top benefits of ITIN loans in New Mexico:

  • No Social Security number required
  • No FICO score required
  • Loan amounts of up to $5 million
  • Can be used for second homes, vacation homes, and investment properties 
  • Can be used to buy single-family homes, condos, and townhouses
  • DSCR loan options available for investment properties 
  • Unlimited cash out

How to Get an ITIN Mortgage in New Mexico

Your first step to secure an ITIN mortgage in New Mexico is to talk with a mortgage strategist online, on the phone, or in person to begin the loan process. Griffin Funding offers an easy-to-use online portal to make it simple to fill out your application. 

Once you meet with a mortgage loan specialist and fill out the initial application, your interest rate gets locked in. Your completed application with all necessary disclosures is sent to you through email or traditional mail. You will receive a list that details what documentation is needed to complete your application, and send it off to be processed. 

After submitting your application, your new property will need to be appraised and inspected to check if there is a problem with pests. Once the property is evaluated and the loan is processed, you will sign your New Mexico ITIN mortgage loan and funds will be disbursed.

Get In Touch With a New Mexico ITIN Mortgage Lender

Whether you’re looking for an ITIN loan in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, or Roswell, Griffin Funding has you covered. By working with a qualified ITIN mortgage lender in New Mexico, you can navigate the mortgage process with as little stress as possible and secure financing for your new home. At Griffin Funding, we’re proud to offer ITIN home loans in New Mexico that have competitive rates and terms. Reach out to us to learn more about how ITIN loans work, or, if you’re ready to get started, fill out an online application and get pre-approved.

Frequently Asked Questions: New Mexico ITIN Loans

Can I get a home loan in New Mexico with an ITIN number?

It is possible to secure a home loan in New Mexico using an ITIN number, as long as you go through a New Mexico ITIN mortgage lender. With an ITIN loan, you can qualify for home financing using your Individual Taxpayer Identification Number as opposed to your Social Security number. Taking out an ITIN loan in Santa Fe or Albuquerque enables you to purchase real estate in some of the biggest cities in New Mexico. 

What are the qualification requirements for an ITIN mortgage in New Mexico?

To secure a New Mexico ITIN mortgage loan, you have to show that you are a foreign national who has income, is creditworthy, and does not come from an OFAC sanctioned country. Additionally, you must possess a valid visa or visa waiver to qualify. 

What documents will I need to apply for an ITIN loan in New Mexico?

To apply for an ITIN loan in New Mexico, you will need to show proof of income, show your visa or visa waiver, and be able to show that you are creditworthy through a credit report or other documentation. You may also have to submit proof of funds to demonstrate that you’re capable of providing a minimum down payment. 

To see if you qualify for a New Mexico ITIN mortgage loan, contact a mortgage specialist at Griffin Funding. See what products we have available to you, and get started on your journey to purchase property in the United States.