What Is Greendoor?

Greendoor helps home buyers search homes for sale by being as transparent as possible. They want to put the power in the buyer’s hands. With their proprietary algorithm, Greendoor is able to estimate the amount that your dream house or condo will cost monthly. They then match you with an experienced real estate agent. When you sign up, you’ll be connected to a personal Greendoor agent who will guide you through the entire process. When you choose a Greendoor agent to represent you and you get pre-qualified with Griffin Funding, Greendoor will pay your first month’s mortgage payment*

We know home buying is hard work, especially when trying to find your dream house, which is why their experienced, professional agents will take care of all the leg work for you. They deal with the research, paperwork, and use their knowledge of the area to help you find what you need.

Why Greendoor?

It’s time that home buying enters the 21st century. With Greendoor, finding the right home for you at the right price will take no time at all. With Greendoor, you get the following benefits:

Sign up & Get Started in Minutes

Sign up for free and connect with your licensed Greendoor real estate agent in minutes. Don’t wait any longer to start buying your home. Get pre-approved with your financing and their agents will help with home touring, contract negotiation, and paperwork to protect you, give you the best terms, and quickly close so your process will go as smooth and quickly as possible.

Access Expertise

Get matched with a real estate agent that is paid based on the level of service they provide. The agent’s job is to help move you through the process of home touring, neighborhood expertise, research, data, offer making, contract negotiation, legal paperwork, and close of escrow.

Find What You Can Afford

Greendoor uses a proprietary algorithm that takes several factors into account to help you find properties that you can afford. The total monthly payment of a property is based on the price, your down payment, interest rate, length of the loan, property taxes, homeowners and mortgage insurance, and the HOA fees (if applicable).

In their search bar they will list out everything available in the area you are interested in, broken down by the payment a month, the overall price, the address, the city, what type of residence it is (i.e., detached, residential, condo, etc.), how many baths and beds, the square footage and price per square foot, and finally what year it was built in.

After picking on the unit you like, you can further adjust what you would pay, what your down payment is, the length of your mortgage, and what the projected interest rate will be. This gets broken down into an estimated monthly payment.

They use this to create the value of the monthly payment to clear up any confusion for you so that you are fully informed on how much you need.

You can also search by price reductions. Greendoor wants you to know which sellers are motivated at the moment. They firmly believe that the more knowledge their customers have, the better.

Take Advantage of Their Mortgage Rebate Program

When you use Greendoor you can get a rebate of up to one month’s mortgage payment. All you have to do is use Greendoor to represent you as the buyer in your next real estate purchase and be prequalified through Greendoor’s preferred lender, Griffin Funding. You will receive your rebate after the close of escrow. The total amount you can get is equal to the lesser of either 50% of the selling agent’s commission on the sale of the property, or the buyer’s principal and interest payment due for the mortgage on the first month. You must be in the San Diego Area to be eligible for the rebate.

This rebate can only be used towards the principal and interest payment for the first month of the mortgage. It cannot be applied towards taxes, insurance, or HOA fees.

Improving the Home-Buying Process with Griffin Funding & Greendoor

Griffin funding is dedicated to providing customers with honesty, integrity, and competence while providing the lowest interest rates and closing costs we possibly can. We strive to always provide 5-star, white-glove service to each and every borrower. 

Being based in San Diego, know that we work closely with Greendoor to make sure that you are satisfied. Along with Greendoor, we know the importance of new technology in making for the best home-buying experience. We specialize in VA or self-employed loans; however, we cover a wide range of loan services including, but not limited to, bank statement loans, DSCR loans, asset-based loans, and refinancing. Our goal is to help you secure a highly personalized home loan that is tailormade to fit your financial situation.

If you are planning on getting prequalified so as to utilize Greendoor’s rebate program, we have established a streamlined process that can be done over the phone or online so that we can quickly help you get an estimate on how much you are able to afford.

Read up on Griffin Funding news to see what other strides we’re taking to make the mortgage process better for borrowers. 

Take the Next Step

As you can see, Greendoor is paving the way for customer convenience in the home-buying market. Never before has it been easier to find the information you need at your fingertips without needing to do the hard work yourself. Give their search bar a try to find what you are looking for, or contact Greendoor at hello@greendoor.io or call at 619-435-5777.

To learn more about Griffin Funding’s mortgage programs, you can contact us today or browse our loan options.