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Our Mission

Griffin Funding has a simple mission: help borrowers secure high-quality mortgage loans that will let them achieve their home ownership dreams or investing goals. We use cutting-edge technology and innovative loan strategies to meet individual customers’ needs and ensure they feel like they’re working with a lender they can trust to serve their best interests.

When working with loan customers, Griffin Funding is committed to the principles of honesty, integrity, and competence. We strive to remain transparent in all our business operations, and work to provide our customers with low rates that make home buying an affordable reality. Griffin Funding specializes in VA,  self-employed bank statement home loans, and DSCR real estate investor loans but we also offer a number of other loan and advising options to suit any customer’s specific needs. Read all about our unique approach to lending on our About Us page, or read about our lending process to understand our company’s values and innovative strategies.

Benefits of Griffin Funding

Griffin Funding has a diverse and growing team of upstart young professionals and experienced mortgage advisors, and we’re always looking to expand. There are many benefits of working with Griffin Funding:

Griffin Funding Career Benefits
  • Build your career in a work environment built for growth and professional development
  • Griffin Funding was ranked one of Inc.’s best workplaces in 2021, Inc. 5000’s fastest growing companies in America for three years, and one of the San Diego Business Journal’s fastest growing private companies for two years.
  • We also have 5-star reviews on Google Business and Yelp.
  • Mortgage lending is an up-and-coming profession expected to grow in the next decade.
  • Our team is always expanding and developing skills to boost individuals’ career paths.
  • Make a difference in people’s lives by helping them secure the funding they need to make home ownership a reality.
  • Feel good knowing that you’re helping customers secure the best deal they can on their home loans.

Griffin Funding is committed to our people’s success—apply to one of our open positions now to find out how you can grow your career with us.

Is Mortgage Lending a Good Career?

Mortgage lending is a growing career path as more Americans are looking for innovative ways to fund their home ownership dreams. Here are some of the top reasons why mortgage careers can be highly satisfying:

  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, mortgage lending and loan officer careers are on the upswing, and will continue to grow in the coming decade. A growing field means that there’s plenty of stability and opportunity, including taking on new roles, developing new skills, and finding mentors to help you develop your career path.
  • In addition to growth and stability, many home loan career professionals find their work fulfilling, as they help people accomplish their home ownership goals every day. Many home buyers, especially first-timers, may find navigating the process to be confusing and difficult. You’re there to make mortgages clear and understandable, and help them discover the form of funding that’s right for their situation.
  • Mortgage lenders get paid very well—often over six figures after a few years of experience. Loan officer jobs can be a lot of hard work, but that hard work often pays off as you increase your professional development and move up in the lending world. Experienced professionals who have developed their skill sets can expect high incomes and job satisfaction.
  • Remote work opportunities are plentiful. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more professionals are looking for remote work. Luckily, loan officer and loan processor jobs can more easily be made remote, meaning that work-from-home opportunities are steadily growing. Be sure to check in with our open listings to see if any remote work is available.

For those looking for well-paid, meaningful work with a bright future, mortgage lending is a great career path. Apply today to see how you can start building your mortgage career.

How Do I Start My Mortgage Lending Career?

Starting your mortgage lending career might seem like a major undertaking, but if you’re reading this, then you’re on the right track. Getting certified and started as a lending officer takes just a few steps, and might be easier than you think:

Mortgage Lending Career Considerations
  • Start with a personal assessment: Do you have the skills to become a loan officer? Being organized, detail-oriented, and people-centric are all important qualities that a loan officer should have.
  • Education: Bachelor’s degrees aren’t a requirement for a loan officer career, but they can definitely help. If you don’t have a college degree and don’t want to enroll, don’t worry; you can also spend a few years working in banking or other financial institutions to gain experience.
  • Licensure: Different states have their own licensing requirements for mortgage loan officers. Usually, this requires a few weeks of education or classes followed by a test to ensure that you know everything you need to know to be a loan officer. Find out more about state licensing here.
  • Getting your first job: Once you’re licenced and ready to work, it’s just a matter of building your network, finding mentors, and securing that first paid position.

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Griffin funding offers a stable, satisfying career. Whether you’re looking for your first loan officer job, work-from-home lending opportunities, or a new shift in your lending career, Griffin Funding is excited to take that next step with you. Apply today to see whether your personality, skills, and ambitions are a good fit for our team. You can also contact us to learn more!