About Griffin Funding

Griffin Funding, Inc., founded in 2013, is a national direct-to-consumer mortgage company that works with Veterans, Self-Employed, and Real Estate Investors. We specialize in VA Home Loans for active duty military and veterans, Bank Statement Loans for the self-employed, and DSCR loans for real estate investors. We are in the business of helping our clients achieve and maintain the American dream of homeownership.

Griffin Funding is a fully-digital direct lender. Our team leverages cutting-edge technology to originate loans that meet your particular needs. Although we specialize in VA Loans, Bank Statement Loans, and DSCR Loans, we offer a wide array of loan and advising services. Contact Griffin Funding today to access top-tier customer service and highly competitive interest rates.

Keep reading to learn more about us and why we make an excellent partner in securing a home loan.

Why Choose Griffin Funding?

Outstanding Client Experience: At Griffin Funding, we pride ourselves on delivering a 5-Star service that has earned us a strong reputation and glowing reviews on Yelp, BBB, and Google. Our team is compensated based on your satisfaction, and we are committed to building trust and showing you genuine care throughout your home financing journey.

Effortless Digital Mortgage Platform: Our secure digital mortgage platform enables you to complete the application, sync bank accounts, upload documents, and receive full loan approval in as little as 20 minutes. We have streamlined the process to be painless, ensuring quick processing without unnecessary delays.

Direct Lender with Unparalleled Flexibility: With a diverse range of money sources, including private equity firms, insurance funds, investors, servicers, REITs, and regional banks, we’re able to offer you favorable interest rates, terms and flexible underwriting tailored to your financial situation.

Advisors, NOT Salespeople: Our experienced, knowledgeable mortgage professionals are more than loan officers – they are financial guides. Instead of merely selling debt, they work with you to assess your overall financial picture and help you build generational wealth through real estate. Utilizing the latest technology, tools, and calculators, they’ll clearly illustrate your options, ensuring you make informed decisions.

Direct-to-Consumer Advantage: As a consumer-direct mortgage company, Griffin Funding can offer more competitive solutions than traditional retail mortgage companies and large banks. Whether you found us through an online search or were referred by a satisfied client, we’re here to serve you directly with unmatched value.

Specialized Lending Solutions: We specialize in Bank Statement Loans for the self-employed, DSCR Loans for real estate investors, and VA Loans for veterans and active-duty military. Our expertise in these niche products sets us apart from 99% of lenders, ensuring you receive specialized attention and guidance.

Community Commitment: We’re proud to support Shelter to Soldier™, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing shelter dogs and training them to be psychiatric service companions for post 9/11 combat veterans with Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). A portion of our proceeds goes to this noble cause, reflecting our commitment to community and compassion.

Griffin Gold Smartphone App: Our iPhone and Android App is your path to homeownership and wealth building. The Griffin Gold app puts the power of optimal financing at your fingertips. It provides a comprehensive guide from complete financial control and mortgage-ready assistance to smart budgeting tools and private home search.

Griffin Guarantee – Your Mortgage, Managed with Precision: With Griffin Funding, your mortgage is more than a transaction; it’s a long-term relationship. Our innovative Mortgage-Under-Management program actively monitors the real estate and mortgage market, identifying opportunities to maximize your financial position. If rates drop, we will notify you and facilitate an ultra-competitive refinance. This seamless, hassle-free process is our commitment to your success, reflecting how we value loyalty and strive to help you build generational wealth through wise real estate investments. Trust in the Griffin Guarantee, where your financial well-being is our priority.


Our Mission

At Griffin Funding, our mission is to serve our customers with honesty, integrity, and competence while providing the lowest interest rates and closing costs we possibly can. We always strive to be transparent with all of our clients and provide excellent customer service so that you can be confident that you’re getting a great deal on your home loan. What sets us apart from other mortgage companies is our ability to work with you to create highly personalized home loans that are tailored to your specific financial situation. Reach out to us today to find out more about the wide selection of mortgage products we offer and how you can get started in buying a home.

What Is the US Mortgage Process?

When buying a home in the United States, most buyers opt to take out a home loan, or a mortgage, in order to get the capital they need to make the purchase and spread the payments out over time. So, the very first step in securing a mortgage is to determine how much you can afford to spend on a home. This will give you an idea of how much money you’ll need to borrow from a mortgage company.

Once you’ve come up with a budget, you may want to get pre-approved for a home loan by a mortgage lender. After a mortgage lender looks over your current financial situation, they may issue you a pre-approval letter that can help expedite the home-buying process.

Now comes the exciting part: finding a home. Once you find a home that you’d like to buy, you’ll make an offer to the buyer. If the buyer accepts your offer, then you’re well on your way to purchasing a home. You’ll just have to order a home inspection and complete the rest of the mortgage process.

You can return to the mortgage lender that gave you a pre-approval letter—or a different lender, if you can find a better interest rate—and fill out a full mortgage application. You’ll give the lender certain documentation and they’ll review your financials to create a loan estimate. From there, you’ll just have to have the home appraised, wait as the loan is underwritten and processed, and then officially close the deal.

What to Expect with Griffin Funding

When you work with Griffin Funding, the first step in the process will be speaking with one of our mortgage strategists, who will evaluate the best loan options for you and find the lowest interest rate you qualify for based on your credit score and other determining factors. We will provide you with a personalized analysis that lays out your loan options, so you can compare your options and decide which one best suits your needs. 

Then, you’ll complete a loan application either over the phone or through our secure digital mortgage platform. Once you’ve completed the loan application, we can lock in your interest rate and help you along through the rest of the mortgage process. 

At Griffin Funding, we strive to tailor home loans to your unique situation while keeping our lending process as straightforward as possible. If you have any questions about us or concerns during the mortgage process, you can always reach out to us for support.

Where Are We licensed?

Griffin Funding holds licenses in 26 US states and growing. Please visit our state licensing page for a complete list of states and license numbers: 

Why Work with Us?

Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions you make in your life. However, for many people the mortgage process can appear complicated and overwhelming. One important thing to know about us is, when you work with Griffin Funding, you’ll get personalized assistance from knowledgeable loan specialists who can help you secure a great loan at a competitive interest rate. We offer a number of traditional and non-traditional loan services, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Plus, our online application makes applying for a home loan quick and easy.

Our Commitment to Service Members

Something else important about us is that we take great pride in working with veterans and honoring the sacrifices they have made for this country. We specialize in VA loans and allow veterans to take cash out up to 100% of the value of their home when using these types of loans. Additionally, we can offer loans that exceed the VA county limit. 

We also support veterans by partnering with Shelter to Soldier (STS), a San Diego-based nonprofit committed to rescuing shelter dogs and training them as service animals for post-9/11 veterans suffering from PTSD and other traumatic brain injuries. Since 2014, Griffin Funding has sponsored at least one dog per year, contributing funds to help them get trained as service animals and partnered with veterans. 

Loan Solutions for All Types of Borrowers

As we mentioned above, Griffin Funding offers a variety of traditional and non-traditional loans to fit different circumstances. Some of the loan services we offer include: 

If you’re searching for a home loan, then Griffin Funding is the mortgage company for you. As a national lender, we are proud to offer loan services in 27 states and growing across the country. Contact us today to see how we can help. 

Don’t see what you were looking for on our about us page? We’re happy to answer any questions you still have.