Areas We Serve

Whether you want to enjoy the notoriously scenic mountain landscape of Colorado or are serving at one of the many Colorado military bases, including Buckley Air Force Base, Fort Carson, or Peterson Air Force Base, we are here to assist you. At Griffin Funding, we provide VA loans in the following areas: 

  • Denver
  • Colorado Springs
  • Aurora
  • Fort Collins
  • Lakewood
  • Thornton
  • Arvada
  • Westminster
  • Pueblo
  • Centennial
  • Boulder

If you have questions about other locations or you want to get the application process started on your VA loan in Colorado, call (855) 394-8288 to speak with one of our knowledgeable loan officers. 


How Do VA Loans Work in Colorado?

The VA home loan process is generally the same from state-to-state: 

Step 1: Obtain a Certificate of Eligibility (COE). We can assist you with this. 

Step 2: Get a quote for your VA loan in Colorado. One of our loan specialists will evaluate your eligibility and provide you with a personalized quote. 

Step 3: Submit an application. Once your application is submitted, you will need to sign the disclosures. 

Step 4: Have a VA appraisal and pest inspection completed (not required for VA IRRRL).

Step 5: Finalize loan documentation. Your loan officer will review your loan documents, which will need to be notarized before finalization. 

At Griffin Funding, we strive to complete this process within 30 days or less, so you can move forward with your plans with minimal delays. 


VA Loan Requirements

There are two specific sets of requirements that determine your VA loan eligibility: the Department of Veteran Affairs’ qualifications and those of your mortgage lender. Regarding the VA, VA home loans are limited to:

  • Active duty service members (must meet minimum active-duty service requirement)
  • Veterans (must meet minimum active-duty service requirement)
  • Surviving spouses of a military member who passed away in the line of duty or due to a service-related injury

If you were dishonorably discharged from service, you may not be eligible for a VA home loan. 

In addition to the VA’s requirements, we also have our own eligibility guidelines, which include: 

  • Certificate of Eligibility
  • 580 FICO score or higher 
  • Income qualification (not required for VA IRRRL)
  • VA appraisal and pest inspection (not required for VA IRRRL)

To find out if you qualify for a VA home with Griffin Funding, speak with one of our experienced loan specialists today. 

VA Loan Advantages in Colorado

If you are considering purchasing, adapting, or refinancing a home, a VA home loan in Colorado can provide unique advantages over other types of mortgage programs. For qualifying borrowers, these benefits include: 

  • No down payment 
  • Low interest rates
  • Limited closing costs 
  • No PMI 
  • FICO score as low as 580 accepted 
  • Can be transferred to another qualifying borrower 
  • 0% funding fees for borrowers with VA disabilities and service-related injuries
  • Reduced seasoning required for credit events 

Additionally, VA home loans can be used repeatedly throughout your lifetime.

VA Loan Limits in Colorado

The VA loan limits in Colorado are implemented the same way as other states. It is a common misconception that the VA limits how much you can borrow. However, the VA loan limits only apply to the maximum amount you can borrow without any money down. If you need to borrow more than the VA loan max in Colorado, then you will have to make a down payment. 


How is the VA loan limit determined in Colorado?

VA loan limits in Colorado are based on which county the home is located in. This is because loan limits are set to accommodate areas with higher costs of living. Otherwise, it would be difficult for borrowers to utilize their VA loans, and capitalize on the zero down payment option, in some of the best places to live in Colorado. 

For example, loan limits in Denver County are higher than those in Larimer County in correspondence to the average housing costs. To determine the loan limits that apply to where you want to buy, use the full list of VA loan limits for 2024.

That said, loan limits do not apply to every VA home loan borrower, it depends on your entitlement status. Your entitlement is the amount of the loan that will be guaranteed by the Department of Veteran Affairs in the case that you default on your loan. If you have used all or part of your entitlement, you will need to adhere to the 2024 loan limits. If you have your full entitlement, then the loan limits do not apply to you.


What is the VA loan limit in Colorado?

Based on these two factors, you will either have no loan limit or need to comply with the loan limit for your county to qualify without a down payment. 


Can I have two VA home loans at the same time?

Yes, you can. If you have a current VA home loan but still have a portion of your entitlement remaining, then you can apply that toward another VA loan. However, having two active VA home loans at the same time is a one-time allowance. The only exception to this rule applies if you have a mandatory reassignment and need to purchase a home in the new location. 

Keep in mind that VA home loans can be also used over and over again, as long as you restore your entitlement (typically by selling your home or having the loan assumed by another veteran who then uses their entitlement). 


What Is the Current VA Loan Rate?

The interest rates on VA loans can vary from day-to-day and borrower-to-borrower. This is because loan rates are based on various economic factors, your personal financial situation (including your FICO score), and the type of VA loan you’re applying for.

When you apply for a VA home loan in Colorado with Griffin Funding, you can rest assured that you will have access to competitive interest rates that can help you save money over the lifetime of your mortgage.


Types of VA Mortgage Programs

We offer several VA mortgage programs: 

  • VA Purchase Loan: You can build, buy, repair, or adapt a home with a VA purchase loan. This type of loan may be referred to as a VA construction loan if you are building a new home. 
  • VA Cash-Out Refinance Loan: You can refinance your current home loan (whether it’s a traditional mortgage or VA home loan) with a VA cash-out refinance loan. The additional benefit of this type of refinance loan is that you can turn your home’s equity into cash, which can then be used to help with other expenses. 
  • VA Streamline Refinance Loan (IRRRL): You can refinance your current VA mortgage (traditional home loans are not eligible for this program) with a VA streamline refinance loan. Also known as an interest rate reduction loan (IRRRL), a VA streamline refinance can help you lower your interest rate and potentially save on your monthly payment. 

The best-suited mortgage option for you will depend on your goals. For more information on Griffin VA loans, discuss these options with one of our loan specialists who can recommend the right VA home loan in Colorado for you. At Griffin Funding, we have earned a reputation as leading VA construction loan lenders in Colorado and are passionate about helping veterans and their families get set up with a loan program that benefits them the most.


Apply for a VA Loan in Colorado

Ready to apply for a VA home loan in Colorado? Complete an application online or call us at (855) 394-8288 to begin the process. With our streamlined systems including the latest technology, the team at Griffin Funding is dedicated to making the mortgage application process as straightforward and stress-free as possible.