Want to Shave Years Off of Your Mortgage Payments?

We would all like to pay off our mortgages sooner rather than later, right? But with mortgage payments that never seem to end and interest payments that continue to pile up, it’s easy to get in a rut with bare minimum payments. Well, did you know that if you make one extra payment a year, you can save yourself years of interest payments? Saving up to make another payment may be intimidating at first but when you understand the long term impact of what one extra payment can do, it’s easy to make the commitment.

There are tons of ways to save money throughout the year. Start by taking a look at your budget. Take note of your overall spending and spending habits. Once you understand your current finances, what comes in and out of your bank account each month, you’ll know where you can cut back and what you can put towards your mortgage. Set a reasonable savings goal and create a plan to get there. Whatever amount you can start to put towards your mortgage https://beachyspharmacy.com each month will make a difference. Start as small as necessary and work your way up. To make it more streamline, you can directly send part of your paycheck each month to a savings account dedicated to paying off your mortgage. That way you are never tempted by the extra money in your checking account.

There are also tons of apps you can get for your smart phone or mobile device that aid in budgeting and saving. They connect to your bank account and track your spending for you. Getting in the habit of tracking your finances is beneficial regardless of what you are saving for. Set up a day each week or month to check in with how you are doing. You’ll be surprised how fast those morning lattes or lunches on the go add up!

Dedicate yourself to make that one extra payment this year. You’ll be glad you did!

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