Millennials Continue to Shake Housing Market

Millennials Leading the Way Millennials are increasingly entering the housing market as first-time buyers and are expected to lead the growth in new home buyers too, the National Association of Home Builders reports from its analysis of Census data. The overall homeownership rate of millennials is at 36 percent, which is the largest gains among all

Median Home Value On The Rise But Experts Say No Bubble In Sight

In April the median home value increased to $198,000 according to¬†Zillow’s data. That is 1% above the peak of 2007 ($196,600). However,¬†Zillow‚Äôs chief economist, Dr Svenja Gudell, thinks it is¬†unlikely¬†for us to have¬†another¬†housing bubble. “We aren’t in a bubble, and won’t be entering one anytime soon. There are big differences between the market then and