Scott Van Vugt

Sr. Loan Officer - San Diego, CA NMLS# 1424494

 Scott built his customer service chops in the retail world. Most recently, he managed a surf shop in La Jolla.

 “Retail was an amazing opportunity to build my foundation in business. It gave me the opportunity to operate in both B2B and B2C relations,” Scott explains. “I negotiated bulk discounts with our wholesale suppliers and negotiated large purchase transactions with our clients. I also had the opportunity to manage a full staff and day to day operations. It truly laid the groundwork for me to step into something larger, which is when I transitioned into mortgage lending.”

Scott has now been in the mortgage business for almost seven years. The first six years of his career were spent working for a company specializing first-time homebuyers, and less than a year ago, he joined the Griffin Funding team.

Outside of mortgages, Scott is passionate about environmental stewardship, travel, and nurturing relationships with the people he cares about.

“I am grateful for the opportunities I have, the clients I work with, the relationships I have in my life, and everything that has come from nurturing those relationships. I am truly grateful for everything I have in my life,” Scott says.