What Is a DSCR Business Purpose Loan?

A DSCR (debt service coverage ratio) loan is a property investment loan that allows the lender to evaluate your ability to repay the loan using the property’s rental income. Specifically, the debt service coverage ratio measures the relationship between your gross rental income and total debt obligations. 

Lenders use DSCR to assess how easily an investor can cover their loan payments using the income generated by the property. A DSCR greater than 1 indicates that the property generates sufficient income to cover its mortgage payments. On the other hand, a DSCR less than 1 may signal potential repayment challenges. 

Wondering what your DSCR is? Use our DSCR calculator to help you determine if you might qualify for a DSCR loan in Nebraska.

Benefits of DSCR Loans in Nebraska

Traditional loans usually consider the creditworthiness of the borrower, focusing on factors like credit score, personal income, and employment history. While these elements can help lenders determine the borrower’s ability to repay the loan, they don’t provide a complete picture, especially when the loan is for an investment property. 

DSCR loans cater specifically to investors who might have solid cash flows but don’t meet the standard metrics. Here are a few noteworthy benefits of Nebraska DSCR loans: 

  • Focus on rental income: DSCR loans offer an avenue for investors who may not qualify for traditional financing due to unconventional income sources. DSCR loans prioritize the rental income of a property to offer a more precise measure of repayment ability. 
  • Potential for higher loan amounts: In cases where a property’s income is particularly strong, borrowers might qualify for larger loan amounts than they would with traditional financing. 
  • Streamlined approval process: Since DSCR loans focus on the performance of the property, the approval process may be more straightforward and faster than traditional loans. 

Other notable benefits and features of Griffin Funding’s DSCR business loans in Nebraska include: 

  • Loan amounts up to $5,000,000
  • As little as 20% down payments
  • Unlimited cash-out
  • No limit on the number of properties
  • DSCRs as low as .75 are accepted
  • Interest-only option available
  • Long-term and short-term rentals are eligible
  • No reserves are required on cash-out loans; 6 are required on all other DSCR loans unless the DSCR ratio is less than 1
  • Close in the name of your LLC

Nebraska DSCR Commercial Loan Requirements

The main requirement of DSCR loans in Nebraska is the DSCR. Most lenders look for a DSCR of 1.2 or higher, meaning the property’s rental income should be at least 120% of its annual debt. Griffin Funding allows for DSCRs of .75, but keep in mind that a lower DSCR may result in less favorable terms. 

Other DSCR loan requirements include: 

  • Property evaluation: Lenders will require an appraisal for all DSCR commercial loans in Nebraska. This appraisal assesses the property’s value and potential to generate consistent income. 
  • Credit score: While DSCR loans emphasize the rental income of the property, many lenders may still consider the borrower’s credit score to gauge their financial responsibility. 
  • Rental income: Lenders will analyze the rental income of the property to determine its profitability after debt obligation expenses. 
  • Rent roll: Lenders will need to see a comprehensive list detailing lease information like durations and rents. If the property isn’t currently being rented out, we’ll determine the fair market rent based on properties in the area. 
  • Investment property: DSCR loans are only for residential non-owner occupied investment properties and cannot be used on primary residences or second homes.
  • Minimum loan amount: The minimum loan amount is $100,000 for DSCR business purpose loans in Nebraska.

Requirements vary by lender. Contact us today to learn more about our specific requirements for Nebraska DSCR commercial loans and other documents needed to buy a house or residential investment property.

Apply for a DSCR Business Purpose Loan in Nebraska

Nebraska DSCR business purpose loans focus on the rental income and profitability of the property rather than the borrower’s personal financial metrics. This approach offers a more tailored lending experience and caters to investors who might not have conventional personal income sources. By placing emphasis on the performance of the rental property, Nebraska DSCR loans offer flexibility and opportunities previously out of reach for many borrowers. 

Get a DSCR business purpose loan from Griffin Funding. We understand the unique challenges of investors. Our DSCR loans are designed with your needs in mind, offering competitive rates, streamlined approval processes, and a dedicated team to guide you every step of the way. Apply online today.

Frequently Asked Questions: Nebraska DSCR Business Loans

What is a good DSCR for commercial loans in Nebraska?

A good DSCR is considered 1.2 – 1.4. Any number above 1 means the property generates enough income to cover the mortgage expenses and have a buffer for unexpected operating expenses. DSCR lenders in Nebraska view a DSCR of 1 as a break-even point where the gross income matches debt obligations. Having a DSCR above 1 can increase your chances of loan approval while helping you secure more favorable terms. 

Griffin Funding accepts DSCRs as low as .75, making these loans more accessible. However, those with lower DSCRs may have less favorable terms, including higher DSCR loan down payment requirements and interest rates. 

What is the interest rate for a Nebraska DSCR loan? 

Griffin Funding offers competitive interest rates on Nebraska DSCR loans. However, your specific interest rate can vary depending on factors like DSCR, credit score, and financial history. The only way to determine your interest rate is to apply online today and lock in your rate. 

How do I choose a DSCR lender in Nebraska?

Choosing a DSCR lender in Nebraska involves research, understanding your particular needs, and evaluating the lender’s reputation. Start by assessing your property’s cash flow and financial standing. Then, look for lenders that offer competitive rates, transparency, and positive customer reviews. 

Ensure the lender understands Nebraska’s commercial landscape and offers flexibility. The best DSCR lender will provide a balance of favorable terms, expertise, and a track record of trustworthiness.