Sarah Howell

Sr. Loan Officer - San Diego, CA NMLS# 1333968

Sarah considers herself lucky to have crossed paths with the individuals that have shaped her and her career. 

“Moving here, fresh-faced and bright-eyed from Montana, I fell into a position for powerhouse author and speaker, Brian Tracy,” Sarah recalls. “I learned a tremendous amount in that position about the ‘real world’ after college, running his online platform with a small team. I followed that with a couple of marketing and business development positions, all shaping me and teaching me what I wanted in a career.”

Five years ago, William Lyons took a chance on Sarah, hiring her as a loan officer with no industry experience. She was, admittedly, intimidated by the position, but ultimately bet on herself. It’s certainly paid off.

“What a rollercoaster this industry is, and I wouldn’t have it any other way,” she smiles.

“I am grateful for so many things in my life — God’s grace, my close-knit family, the best of friends, my supportive boyfriend who is always my biggest cheerleader, my two baby kitties who make it much more bearable to work at home during this time,” Sarah says.