For those who have served in the U.S. military, VA loans are a mortgage benefit that can help you get a home. Backed by the Department of Veterans Affairs, these no-down-payment required loans offer generous terms that make them very attractive for first-time home buyers and individuals searching for new home financing.

    To be eligible for a joint VA purchase loan, at least one applicant needs to meet eligibility criteria either through current service in the military or being an unmarried surviving spouse of a veteran.

    This is a fantastic opportunity if only one applicant meets qualification standards and allows two people to buy property together, even if neither person has owned real estate before. As long as at least one borrower satisfies all necessary qualifications, both parties can get approved when applying jointly for this special type of loan program.

    Keep reading if you think this mortgage option might help you achieve your dreams of homeownership.


    • The VA purchase loan program is designed to make it easier for veterans and their families to get a home loan.
    • A VA loan does not necessarily require someone to put any money down for the home on a joint VA loan.
    • A joint VA loan allows two or more individuals, with at least one being an approved veteran or the surviving spouse of a vet, to become financially responsible for making mortgage payments together each month.

    What Is a Joint VA Loan?

    Joint VA loans are great options if you’re looking for some extra help when buying a home, as they provide veterans, service members, and their spouses with the opportunity to buy property while relying on multiple borrowers.

    A VA joint loan allows multiple people to work together to buy a house, even if only one of them meets the VA joint loan requirements. This means that all those listed on the document will be equally held accountable when it comes time to pay off the mortgage.

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    Who Can Be Included on a Joint VA Loan?

    With homeownership dreams on the line, having multiple people contributing to the loan can go a long way. A joint VA home loan allows for just that.

    In general, there are three separate categories of applicants for a VA joint loan:

    1. One person qualifies as an eligible military applicant but applies alongside other non-qualifying applicants.
    2. Two or more individuals have acceptable eligibility status, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs.
    3. Everyone meets the qualifications for approval, but they don’t want to use their full entitlement amount when applying.

    If you’re married, couples count as single entities when it comes time to prove your eligibility, so you don’t actually need each member’s individual information. Even lawful permanent residents without citizenship status can sign onto such agreements as long as they meet certain criteria put forward by the government.

    With a simple 10-step mortgage process, Griffin Funding strives to make applying and securing a home loan easy, transparent, and quick.

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    With a joint VA loan, everyone who signs will be responsible for paying the loan on time, so be sure to understand your obligations before signing a loan with someone else. This is where working with a professional can be helpful.

    How Does VA Entitlement Work with a Joint VA Loan?

    For those who want to take full advantage of their veteran status and get a loan, understanding joint VA loans is essential. This type of loan allows multiple borrowers to use their individual VA loan benefits through the VA entitlement program.

    So how does this work? As long as one borrower has an eligible entitlement and meets all other criteria, two or more people can apply together for a joint VA loan without every person needing to use their own entitlement; however, only half will be covered by the single entitlement holder’s benefit.

    Graphic featuring a shield icon and text that reads, “The VA will only back 1/2 the loan if just one borrower has VA entitlement.”

    Even if no down payment is made, there’s still no limit on how much you can borrow, provided neither party has ever taken out or paid off any prior VA loans before applying together.

    It’s important for potential applicants, including veterans, to know what qualifications and VA loan closing costs must be met. These requirements may change over time. The best way to address any questions related to this process is to seek advice from someone with expertise in the matter.

    Consulting a loan specialist can help you decide if this is the right option for you.

    Key Differences: Typical VA Loans vs. Joint VA Loans

    The key difference between a joint VA loan and a standard VA mortgage is joint VA loans involve multiple parties.

    If both an active-duty servicemember or veteran and someone without any military connection applies for a loan from lenders, they’ll usually need to put some money down. Generally speaking, when one of the applicants doesn’t have access to veterans’ benefits or isn’t using their eligibility status, lenders require them to contribute part of this riskier investment upfront.

    Since only people with appropriate privileges receive coverage under Veterans Affairs policies, additional security must be provided in terms of cash from those not eligible for these advantages. As such, banks often demand that nonmilitary occupants make a payment before granting approval as part of joint loan requirements from the Department Of Veteran Affairs (VA).

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    Pros & Cons of a Joint VA Loan

    Taking out a VA joint loan could seem exciting, but it’s important to know the pros and cons of this option before you commit. Consider these benefits and drawbacks when deciding if this option is right for you:


    • Having two incomes can open up opportunities to purchase more expensive homes than one person alone would be capable of affording.
    • You may have an easier time qualifying for a home loan if you apply together.
    • Additionally, no down payment is required as long as all borrowers meet the program’s criteria.


    • If any borrower does not qualify for benefits under the program, then they may have to put down some form of deposit in order to proceed with taking out the loan.
    • A mandatory funding fee is often still required unless one or more of the parties qualifies for an exemption. This charge is typically 1% of your total loan amount.

    Weighing all factors carefully is essential before deciding whether or not this route best suits your needs.

    Graphic featuring a stack of money with text that reads, “Lender fees are limited to 1% of your loan amount.”

    Is a Joint VA Loan Right for You?

    Are you and a fellow borrower searching for the ideal home loan? If one of you is a veteran, then joint VA loans are an amazing option that could be just what you need.

    Joint VA mortgages offer some unique benefits, like lower interest rates or even no down payment required. But, it’s important to know exactly what each option entails, as there may be restrictions specific to this type of loan. Doing your research ahead of time and being candid with your fellow borrowers can make all the difference.

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    Our team of experts is always ready and willing to make the process as straightforward and stress-free as possible. We offer total transparency at every stage while also ensuring you get the best rate available.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you need a joint VA loan if you’re borrowing with your spouse?

    If you and your spouse are looking to purchase a dream house with a VA loan, you probably do not need to apply for a joint VA loan.

    The Department of Veterans Affairs considers married couples as one entity when it comes to applying for loans. This means that even if only one of you has military experience, you can still apply for a traditional VA loan.

    On the other hand, if you and your partner are not married, then you'll need to explore a joint VA loan for unmarried couples.

    Are VA loan limits different for a joint VA loan?

    It’s possible that you may qualify for a larger loan limit if you apply for a joint VA loan. Of course, your actual limit will depend on specific qualifications like minimum credit score and income level. Remember that every lender has their own requirements.

    How do you apply for a joint VA loan?

    To apply for a joint VA loan, you need to contact a private lender who offers these types of mortgages and complete an application. In many cases, you’re able to apply online or even go through the process on the phone for much more streamlined loan processing.

    You’ll need to provide documents regarding your financial status, such as income eligibility. And as a VA borrower, the eligible party will need to provide a certificate of eligibility as well.

    Once you’re qualified, you’ll move forward with the mortgage process, which includes steps like getting an appraisal and inspection. Your lender will help you through the process.
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