The #1 Reason Deals Fall Out Of Escrow

The number one reason that real estate deals fall out of escrow is because of the loan. Most loan officers, banks and mortgage bankers have a limited set of products that fit into a small stringent box. If your a real estate agent that can’t get your buyer qualified from the get-go or if you have a deal in escrow that just blew up because of the loan you’re going to want to watch this video. Griffin Funding is a broker and banker (yes, both is better) that specializes in serving the self-employed. We are experts in bank statement loans. In this video, you’ll learn about our expanding underwriting box and how we use “common sense” to get your buyers in the home they deserve. Watch it now and contact us with any questions!

Here are some products that might make sense for your buyer:

Bank Statement Loans

Near Miss Jumbo Loans

Debt Service Coverage Ratio Investor Loans

Asset Based Loans

Foreign National Lending

Recent Credit Event Loans



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