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Debt Service Coverage Ratio: No-Income Mortgage Loans

Griffin Funding offers DSCR (debt service coverage ratio) loans at a ratio as low as .75 to allow you to qualify on the cash flow of the property only, and we even have no-ratio DSCR loans where the DSCR isn’t taken into account for vacant properties that have yet to be rented out. Since the majority of real estate investors typically flip homes quickly or use rental income to repay the mortgages of their investment properties, these loans exclude investors from the rules of repayment that are typically required.  No tax returns or your personal income is required. We look at:  Credit score, rental income, appraisal (to ensure you have at least 20% equity), and verification it’s to be used as a rental property and not primary residence.

See an example of this type of loan in action HERE.

Neighborhoods_subdivision-2GET YOUR REAL ESTATE REPORT CARD

With this powerful tool you can see important information regarding the health of a specific address’s real estate market.  Some of the amazing features of this report are:

Affordability Index, Median Home Price, Historical Appreciation, Forecasted Appreciation, and Much more!

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